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Crystal ball gazing....

Crystal Ball Gazing

It was all happening down at the Tinwald hall yesterday morning and at 10 am parking spaces were already at a premium in the sleepy suburb. The spiritual fair was on, and it appeared that there were others in the town who had shared my idea of getting along early before the crowd built. Yes, even in little old Ashburton these type of events seems to attract many,curious about all things mystical and spiritual.

I’ve had a fascination with physics for over 35 years ,and I never miss an opportunity to have a consultation with one when I can. After indulging myself in this guilty pleasure for three and a half decades, I still continue to traipse along to see what is instore for me? I’m pretty black and white about most things in life so it baffles me why I am so curious about these matters. Curious about something I cant touch, that is based on nothing more than a feeling and a heap of burning white sage sticks and desire to wear tie dyed scarves and lots of crystals. I can’t seem to help myself despite the level of comfort it may or may not leave me with. Yesterday was no different and some might say what a waste of $25, but I would say it was a cheap piece of entertainment and an even cheaper 20 minutes of therapy!

When you live on your own , you don’t get to share your dreams and aspirations with anyone other than the dozens of voices in your own head. I sometimes find it’s good to seek validation and information outside of there, and I wonder sometimes is this why I seek out these sorts of folk? I have my own crystal ball (given to me many years ago by a couple of special friends) and I look at it wondering why can’t I see all the answers I need and consequently leap at the chance to hear someone else’s opinion. Someone who doesn’t know me from Ned, and who could just as easily be a fraud fleecing the unsuspecting public loitering about desperate for answers.

Did I learning anything exciting yesterday you might ask? Actually, I didn’t, and I don’t know if I ever do, because part of me will always be a skeptic. That wont stop me going despite being quite physic myself . As Lisa the reader closed her eyes and played with my ring in her hand , the first thing she asked me was if I pregnant or expecting a baby ? I am 54 years of age ffs, have never been keen on babies, and have not engaged in any night sport for some considerable time – at least since my hysterectomy about four years ago. My immediate train of thought jumped to my children and a tightening came across my chest as I made a mental note number to call and remind both of them once the session was over, that abstinence is the only real guarantee against a belly full of arms and legs!

“Was I going to get that little piece of paradise I have yearned for so long “,I asked her? I was that close last month when I found what I thought was a perfect 5 acres for me. It already had a contract on it but after a few swings with my own pendulum, a few deep breaths and dozen phone calls to the bank, I decided to take a big punt and put myself on the line by placing an unconditional offer on the property. That offer would cause a cash clause in the previous contract to be evoked. The purchasers with the first offer would have a 5 day period to confirm their contract and if they couldn't do that, I would be the winner at the end of the day. I thought I was going to get it you know, – my pendulum had said so but in this case it was wrong. I got notification last weekend that the people had managed to find the dough rae me and had knocked me off my perch. I was gutted, pissed off to be so close yet so far, and headed back to the drawing board. I had even started to pack a few things in boxes but had to remind myself in my despair that the only real certainties in life are death and taxes.

Lisa said, “just relax there is one coming for you at the end of May”. She didn’t say which May so if its this year I haven’t long to wait, if not those voices in my head will remind me she never actually said which year. She also assured me that I didn’t have to apply for Married at First Sight again to find my elusive soul mate – he will be along over the next five months. That’s such a relief, I don’t know if I would be able to stand up to the glare of the media and the judgmental public as I aired my quirky personality and dirty laundry on national TV.

I did get a pleasant surprise near the end of the reading though. I had a visit from a little white dog that was yapping and jumping up on my leg. I hadn't told her about my dear little Jack Russell Briar, who had gone to the pearly gates earlier in the year, but she saw her in a vision and asked me about her. She described her to a "T " and its small tit-bits of information like that I get when I waste my money on these readings a couple of times a year that keep me going back for more .

As I went to leave, she said reminded me how I hate to cook for one. "You need to have a whole lot of mouths around your table to be really happy she said." She’s right you know, and I smiled when I thought about that bloody 10 seater table I have carted around for the last few years as I have moved . Its too big for this tiny house but when the dream of the lifestyle block finally happens for this old girl, I know that there will be a massive celebration around that big old table. The kids will be there, maybe the baby the physic spoke about , (god forbid ) , and queen will be in the kitchen with her pinny on , and in her happy place.

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