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Traveling is so good for your soul. Its been a long time since I traveled with anyone for any extended period of time. I prefer to be what I call a "solo practitioner".  Don't get me wrong , I love people mostly, but I like to leave them too and do my own thing when it suits and basically please myself. After rearing two great kids, having tried  marriage an couple of times and passing the half century mark in the birthday stakes, I made a decision a few years ago to please myself a lot more. I have discovered I like my own company, I prefer sharing my home with cats and dogs as opposed to people, and grabbing a backpack  loaded with a limited number of clothes and personal possessions and buggering of to somewhere random is the most liberating thing you can do.

Some say you are brave, some say mad. I say we are here for a good time, not a long one and life isn't a trial run so lets just get on with it shall we?

Traveling brings out the best and the worst in us all. If you are on your own you only see the best of your self generally. If you are with someone often after a couple of days its the latter! 

So good for your soul

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