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Off to the country we go

We are en-route to an Estanscia this morning for three days. That is the Spanish word for ranch as we know it so we are looking forward to three days of horse-riding, biking , swimming and Gaucho hunting. It was all go this morning when we realised we had slept in and were due to be picked up.

I think Penny must be my travelling doppelganger which is a scary thought for many who know us. A magnificent cocktail of fun, danger and you wont believe it rolled into one)She lept out like a banshee looking like the wreck of the Hesperance saying “shit we have slept in” and started hurling things into her bag to clear the room.

Im much more relaxed about sleeping in – I don’t think I have ever slept in till 9 in my life being such a habitual early riser so for me it was such a treat. I'm far more concerned with eating so breakfast was my priority as it was included as part of the tariff at our hotel. I think its important to get your priorities right when travelling so off I waltzed to the dining room.

Apart from the fact that we have had a couple of full on days (and bigger nights ) there is always a settling in period when you go to another country for the first few days as you adjust to the time change.

Sharing a room with Penny is like sharing a room with a moth. I look over if I wake and shes often fart arsing around her bed, reading with a torch or staring blankly at the ceiling. At one point in the night I got up and closed the drapes to bthe room into complete darkness and the following result was the lie in. I will be forewarned tonight and the place will be like a tomb when we go to take slumber if I have my way. I have no trouble sleeping anywhere, daytime , nighttime, in the car, at my office desk so this is a new phenomenon for me and one I need to sort before too much more of the trip or she may end up like a dead moth!

It was with relief I sighed when on leaving the dining room I recognised the driver that had picked us up from the airport when we first arrived. Martine doesn’t speak much English but he does have google translate loaded to his phone and that seems to work well for all parties. The language barrier can be a big thing and I for one make full use of any translating apps on my phone. Penny however after a lifetime of teaching is content with her notepad and pencil and finds technology frustrating. She will return home an IT guru should I have my way.

The final blow to the mornings hasty start was when she went to settle the room bill for any extras that had been incurred during our three day stay. She is still smartin at paying 1000 Pesos for 2 gins and 2 bottles of water (NZ$40.00) but I say relax, it is important to stay hydrated in these heats. The water costs nearly as much as the gin in hotels here so we just need to load up with supplies at a supermarket to avoid that sort of surprise . But then again we are on holiday, having a blast and are two country girls about to head to a ranch for a few days and in our world it doesn’t get much better than that.!

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