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Will the Universe provide??

I have been doing much self- evaluation this week following news from Warner Bros that I had made the short list for Married at First Sight NZ. When I submitted my application some weeks ago , I half expected to hear back from them given the frank answers and video material I had submitted with my application. A good producer would smell a lift in ratings the minute they read the application I expect – polarising personalities are gold for TV reality shows and let’s not forget the end game for media which is always about ratings.

I’ve been conducting my own reality show for years so I don’t need that hit of notoriety or the criticism that automatically accompanies such public exposure that many crave. To be truthful I am a bit of a soft cock when it comes to large scale criticism unless its constructive and said with degree of balanced intelligence. As a bookkeeper and bean counter by day, I can confidently assure you that any decision you make in the world of business comes with an opportunity cost. That translates in laymans terms to “what will happen to that, if we do that, and what will result in the best result for the opportunity that has been presented?” Our personal lives are no different, except that most people are not as pragmatic as I am when they are making decisions that affect their medium to long term future.


Watching the Australian series of MAFS was a guilty pleasure I am embarrassed to admit, but I lined up like dozens of other kiwis glued to the box to watch the train wreck of a shag fest it turned into. An armchair critic such as myself scratched my head night after night thinking how in the hell those experts could get it so wrong for so many. Unless of course it was geared to ratings from the onset? It wasn’t long after the series had finished when they started calling for participants for the NZ series and I thought about the opportunity cost of personally applying.

You see, despite being a non-conformist, free spirited, sometimes mad as a snake, and often a force to be reckoned with middle aged female, I am pretty old fashioned deep down. I believe that love is the answer to everything. You can have fancy cars, big bank accounts, all the toys in the world and if you haven’t got love you may just find yourself wanting.

I have the love and support of so many special people in my life and for that I am grateful, but I yearn for the love of someone special. Someone who makes me want to be a better person, who will cherish the ground I walk on and who will share the highs and lows I will no doubt endure as I enter the twilight years of my life.

After trying every method surely known to man over the last decade to find a suitable mate to watch the sun rise in front of the Eifel tower with , I am prepared to give science a shot and put my fate in the hands of some experts and see if and where the process will take me.

I don’t know if MAFS is a credible option for me, I don’t know if I will get past the next stage , but I do know that I won’t die wondering and I guess time will tell.

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