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Flyover Canada - virtually

Flyover Canada, they said, soar with us they said , and they were bang on until the computer crashed as we were coming around the

Canadian Rockies on a virtual train trip and everything went black and the seat I was strapped into slid to a shuddering halt. A few people screamed, the lights came on and all the ushers came roaring in to calm the farm. Being as technically savy as I am I knew there must have been some sort of computer glitch and we were really fortunate enough to have our safety belts checked before restarting the trip. $27 CAD was cheap enough to experience the wonder that is Canada from the air over the 25 minute journey that covered the ground from Vancouver to Toronto and many places in between. If you have done much flying in a helicopter thats what it was like. The sound of the wind as we navigated the rivers, the spray on your face when we crossed Niagara Falls, the thrill of flying over snow capped mountains and forests before dropping into hidden lakes and coastal bays felt real. We even enjoyed the flying over a big grain harvest and the dust in the air was almost real. The highlight for me was buzzing up on a wild-horse muster that had you joining a couple of cowboys galloping along the sparse country chasing a band of what looked like Appalosa brumbies - maybe somewhere near Calgary I expect.We got to see it one and a half times, they restarted after the train crash and I thought to myself how lucky I had been to have that as a treat.

I dont do so much virtual flying these days, the Nimbus 2000 still gets out on occasion but it takes more out of me levitating and I am buggered for days, so if you are in Vancouver give it a whirl.

As you leave the Flyover centre, you are amazed at the generosity of the the Canadian tourism operators as they entice you aboard a bus for a free ride out to the Capaliano Suspension bridge. What they dont tell you is that to enjoy the park and its attractions the bridge is in you have to part with $42 and then they will stamp your hand and you can get a free ride back to the city. A fool and her money are soon parted and I have 29 days to go so I chose not to part with the green stuff and hitch a ride back to town.

The folk at the cafe were helpful, told me how to walk to a public bus stop down the road about 700m and wait for the Vancover 246 to get a ride back to town. It came, stopped, relieved my Compass Card (thats like a Metro Card in NZ for public transport) of $2.00 and I was on my way. Back to the B&B Hotel I am sharing with my friend before we board a plane to 8 days in a Campervan in Alaska tomorrow.


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