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The formula for change...

I’ve never been afraid of change. Sometimes in the dark of night lying awake, I have feared it, but when the daylight comes 98% of the time I leap into gear and embrace it . A life of constant change and growth has seen me embrace most change with a half full glass attitude. The thing you don’t realise about change whether its forced upon you or an act of choice is that Its nearly always empowering to those concerned. Maybe not the act of change itself , but the fact that as an individual you realise that ultimately you have the choice to remain stuck in a rut ( which incidentally is grave with no ends on it ), or move with it and take a chance and see what happens as a result.

There was a smart guy in the 1960’s who come up with a formula for change and for analytical visionary types like me it makes so much sense. Successful people use the formula in their everyday life often without realising it. It’s rule 101 in a business sense, and something I have heard often from some of the mentors and business coaches I have had over the years. Even if you are not in business, a smart person would do well to adopt that formula into their personal and professional life – its proven and you don’t have to have it written out in a mathematical equation to make sense of it but it might help.

The tried and true formula for change

You see, people that are annoyed or grumpy often have a lot of the D in their lives. Dissatisfaction with how they are living, the job or relationship they are in or how their business is performing.

Those people are often the ones who can’t reach inside themselves and visualize a better life. They are the ones who are stuck, they don’t dream, and they blame others believing they can’t do anything about it. Smart people though have the V. They know if they can dream it, they can do it. They just need to work out how to do it.

So that’s where the F comes in. They take first steps and ask themselves “how can I fix this, “who can I get to help me?”, “what do I need to do to make even the slightest change to enhance my quality of life?” And then that dam R shows up. The resistance that we all face. The roadblocks that are the lack of time, money, empathy and understanding required to commit to making sure that those first steps happen to catapult you towards even making the smallest of change. When you multiply the D x V x F and they are “greater than” > your resistance to change, something wonderful happens.

So, all things considered there is no better time to start that process if indeed there are things in life that you are dissatisfied about. Step up and own them and in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, politician, social activist, and writer who I take inspiration from:

“Live each day as if it was your last. Learn as if you would live forever.”

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