I love to travel and get out and about - time and finances permitting.  Most of my adventures these days are solo, with a backpack and on a budget - a far cry from the trips of years ago when I  used to  tell myself "money I have got, time I haven't!", as I swanned into some swanky four star plus establishment and ordered myself a tall G&T.

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50 something, dreaming about living the dream......every day above the ground is a good one because you are a long time looking at the lid!

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             If I haven't been there yet...it's on my list!

55 and feeling the fear and doing it anyway...

Feel the fear and do it anyway
travel light
take risks

July 30, 2017

Just as the saddle hunters are King of the show ring - the folk that brave the Aquaintense class in the Jellie Park recreation centre must be the Queens of the pool complex at 6am on a Monday morning. 

Even if you are there doing laps or minding your own business, you w...

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